Twenty years ago I never would have imagined that I have made it to where I am now.  Life is always a struggle and I’m always faced with many challenges both good and bad.  It’s all a constant reminder that I must constantly remind myself to look forward. 

My family, above all, is my inspiration and they are the ones who motivate me to get up everyday and face my challenges.  My wife, daughter, and son are the best!

Technology, to me, is not just a job but my favorite hobby/past time.  On this site, I’ll be posting various things I’ve learned over time that I believe would benefit others.  Some examples are sharing cool websites, sharing certain software (both paid and free) that perform some of the coolest things and make it all so worth-while to use. 

Another area where I’m a pretty serious fan is in Ufology.  A couple of years ago, I saw a TV Show that changed my view on the world.  Ever since then, I’ve been researching this topic and I’m going to share some of the very mysterious things I’ve discovered about it with you.

Last, but not least is the part of my life that I’ve left far behind.  That part of me that represented the wanna-be rockstar. that part I’m referring to is the Musician in me.  I’ve played in many groups over the years and I’ll be sharing some of those experiences on this site. 

So, I hope you enjoy all the little tid-bits here and please do contact me and say HI.


Super-Geek Family Man

Human beings are the only are the only creatures on Earth who claim a God and the only living thing that behaves like it hasn’t got one.
-Paul Kemp(from the movie Rum Diaries)